The sole purpose of this site is to maintain a web resource for information about the Uraniborg astronomy and science camp created by Joe Patterson (Uraniborg I) in the early 1970’s and resurrected by David Targan (Uraniborg II) in the early 1980’s.

The site is maintained by Dan Zucker (staff member during the Uraniborg II years).


Welcome To The Uraniborg Site

Update 7/22/2022

Added Brian Close (’72, ’74), email, recollections

Update 3/6/2022

Updated Larry Pageler’s email, info

Added photo from Larry Pageler, Camp Oakes group photo, ’74 (see his entry)

Added links to photo album from Larrry Pageler  (see his entry)

Update 2/23/2022

Corrected Nancy Smyth’s name, updated email/web info

Changed John Briggs’ email

Added recollections pages for Stuart (Grace) Greene

Added list of YouTube videos from Clay Templeton to his page

Added Ted Nicholson’s notes and new email address

Added link to Dave Rothenberg’s photo album [Thanks Wanda (Beierle) Gelsebach]

Portsmouth Priory School , Camp Oakes, Oaks, Cap Chat, Cape Chat Canada for the total Eclipse, Barstow, Stellafane, Mojave Desert, Newberry Springs, Riverside Telescope Makers, Death Valley, Mt. Whitney, The hill behind The Abby, St. Cloud State, Oak Island, Lake of the Woods, Minnesota, California, ...